Get Ready. You weren’t prepared for this!

Providing structure and direction for your teen isn’t easy. Just figuring out what “makes them tick” can be a challenge in itself. Getting them to move in the right direction can seem like an uphill struggle. At times it may feel like you’re just not ready to take on this challenge and neither is your teen! You may even find yourself asking, was it this difficult for your parents?

Okay, take a deep breath. The life of a teen can look like shades of gray and full of high drama, but you can learn to deal with it all confidently. It’s amazing. When you learn how to do this, parenting becomes easier, less stressful and more effective. Doesn’t that sound nice? There are some basic things that every parent needs to understand. I have a strategic approach to meeting the unique needs of each teen in order to reach the best possible outcome.

Get Ready Coaching can prepare you and your teen for real world challenges. With 14 years of experience working with teens and their parents, I have experience dealing with it all. I’ve seen the patterns just like you have faced and helped them thrive. Solid preparation and understanding are tools that can effectively position you and your teenager for real world success.


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What do you want to do when you grow up? Every teenager is asked this a billion times. At least that is the way they feel. They are scared about going out into the big, bad real world. The endless questions about what they will do compound the problem that they hones[Read More]

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