Coaching that empowers teens to figure out their true calling and manifest their destiny so they live meaningful lives


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Donovan Dreyer is the Teen Takeoff Coach. He's been working with teens, parents and teen leaders like you for the past 18 years in and out of schools. How can he help your teen navigate life? 

Only after 5 years of investing in, and completely finishing an Aviation degree did Donovan discover his "flight plan" was "off course." After diverting along other paths, he finally "landed" in the right place. He has since spent nearly two decades preparing teens to realize their dreams. 

Teens can benefit from the tough lessons Coach Donovan learned the hard way by using the wisdom and insights he gained to navigate life expertly. The key is to invest in the best possible preparation.

Let's get you on your right flight path!

Finally realzing my true calling made me a believer in the power of holding out for your true calling. So I set out on my own journey to be that person for others to help them do what they love. 

Eighteen years later, I've helped hundreds of teens plan their future and get ready for the real world. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, a group program, talks, webinars, and written content, I've been fortunate enough to help teens and teen leaders get ready for Teen Takeoff so the next generation is set up to realize their dreams and make the world better on purpose. 

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Parents and teen leaders contact me if you want your teens to:

  • Be themselves 
  • Do what they love
  • Get the best possible career preparation
  • Receive strong support 
  • Pursue a higher level of meaning and purpose  
  • Develop 21st century skills  
  • Cope with stress and regulate emotions  
  • Communicate effectively
  • Organize their lives
  • Dream big
  • Grow their confidence
  • Accomplish their goals and dreams



This coaching program is designed to prepare you with the modern success fundamentals and find the core of who you really are. 

Step 1: Flight Plan Determine your destination so you know where you are going with clarity.

Step 2: P.A.I.D. Discover who you are in order to select a career that you will love.

  Step 3: S.O.S. Assess your stress properly so you choose the right way to cope under any scenario  

Step 4: Go or No Go Make good decisions that set you up for success and keep you on course in life 

Step 5: Self Care Streaks Start and reinforce good habits so you can rely on them throughout your life 

Step 6: Resume 2.0 Learn how to present yourself online so you make a great "pre-impression.

Teen Takeoff is designed to bring you to the deepest understanding of yourself that most adults never experience in their entire lives and get you ready for the real world. For 6 weeks, you'll go on a journey that will completely revolutionize how you view yourself and your world. Begin by downloading Find YOUR Fit.



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