I coach teens with big dreams! I teach them the real skills they need to accomplish their lofty life goals. 

Over 80% of all students--even the ones with perfect grades--grow up to settle for wrong fit careers. This is not a recipe to feel fulfilled!

Do you know your teen's dream? 

What would your teen do if they could choose to do anything in life? 

I coach teens to get ready to live meaningful lives they can be proud of and enjoy. 

Help your teen set lofty life goals today. 

Download the one page SET LOFTY LIFE GOALS guide and begin!

Coach Donovan empowers teens to

Refuse to settle

Refuse to conform and fit in

Become the leaders of tomorrow

Why Coach Donovan serves teens...

"I really enjoyed working with Donovan because he helped me discover what is important to me and what my goals are. Before I met him I was very unsure about the college process and just my goals in general, but by talking me through my values he showed me how to figure out what aligns with them. Donovan has equipped me to be able to vet out schools and careers just by simply comparing them to my personality and interests. Donovan also pushed me to come up with my own answers to tough questions, he did not just give me the answers. We had a lot of discussions about the world and what is happening in it, and he pushed me to come up with explanations and ways that I could see myself making positive impacts. He also introduced me to scholarships and goals that I might not have even considered for myself, but now think are very doable and exciting. The most important lessons I learned working with Donovan were those of self discovery."

-M.D. (Class of 2022)

Donovan Dreyer is the Teen Takeoff Coach. He's been working with teens, parents and teen leaders like you for the past 20 years in and out of schools. How can he help your teen navigate life? 

Only after 5 years of investing in, and completely finishing an Aviation degree did Donovan discover his "flight plan" was "off course." After diverting along other paths, he finally "landed" in the right place. He has since spent nearly two decades preparing teens to realize their dreams. 

Teens can benefit from the tough lessons Coach Donovan learned the hard way by using the wisdom and insights he gained to navigate life expertly. The key is to invest in the best possible preparation.

Let's get you on your right flight path!

Finally realIzing my true calling made me a believer in the power of holding out for teens to discover their true calling. So I set out on my own journey to be that person for others to help them do what they love. 

Twenty years later, I've helped hundreds of teens plan their future and get ready for the real world through one-on-one coaching sessions, a group program, talks, webinars, and written content. 

Your teen can start the career journey in the right direction today. Begin by downloading Set Lofty Life Goals.

Teen Takeoff Coaching Program

The Teen Takeoff Coaching Program is designed to prepare you with the modern success fundamentals and find the core of who you really are. 

Step 1: Flight Plan Determine your destination so you know where you are going with clarity.

Step 2: P.A.I.D. Discover who you are in order to select a career that you will love.

Step 3: S.O.S.   Assess your stress properly so you choose the right way to cope under any scenario  

Step 4: Go or No Go Make good decisions that set you up for success and keep you on course in life 

Step 5: Self Care Streaks Start and reinforce good habits so you can rely on them throughout your life 

Step 6: Resume 2.0 Learn how to present yourself online so you make a great "pre-impression.

Teen Takeoff is designed to bring you to the deepest understanding of yourself that most adults never experience in their entire lives and get you ready for the real world. For 6 weeks, you'll go on a  journey that will completely revolutionize how you view yourself and your world. Begin by downloading Set Lofty Life Goals.

Coach Donovan encourages you to download "Set Lofty Life Goals" so you and your teen can...

Start great conversations that matter now and for your son or daughter's future

One big problem you see as a parent is that many people settle in life. You may or may not feel this is true in your life. Way too many people do feel stuck in super stressful, draining, unfulfilling careers. I truly believe that getting this one pivotal part of life right is a game (of life) changer.  

Career fit is one of the most powerful and proactive antidotes to debilitating stress. When your teen leaves the nest, wouldn't you want a built-in mental health booster?he right fit career and extra preparation with soft skills (Seth Godin refers to them more powerfully as real skills) gives kids in Generation Z the edge they need to get ready for their best life. They can be happy, successful, fulfilled contributing members of society. Couldn't we use more of that out there in the world?

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