I love a good challenge. My latest two challenges of counseling and coaching were initially selected in response to the shootings at Columbine. At the time of this tragedy, I was exploring which social service field to enter. For me, this event was a game changer in society.

It became a mission for me to learn what makes teenagers tick and try to make a difference in their lives. I went into high  school counseling with an intention to get to the heart of the matter. Coaching is the next progression, giving me an opportunity to work more thoroughly and in a new way with parents, teens and families.

Right now I am more inspired than I ever have been. Why? Because I have found tangible ways to empower parents and teenagers, so that this world is seen as one full of opportunity that you feel equipped to make the most of and enjoy. It is my mission to get teens and parents ready to create greater success and happiness together. I know it is a big job and that the world can be a scary place at times.

I relish the opportunity to work with families. I will help you tune in to your unique challenges and guide you on the way to your success. There is no substitute for an experienced professional with a solid foundation built from working with teens and their parents for 14 years. Life is fun when you are prepared, confident and capable. Get in touch today to find out more about how the services I offer can benefit you and your family.

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