“Donovan and I belong to the same business mastermind group and recently decided to work one-on-one to boost our business growth even more. I was excited by the opportunity (I write website and other marketing copy for passion-driven entrepreneurs) but little did I suspect how much I’d grow the first time we met, in the course of one hour.

“I’d like to explore WHY you’re doing this work,” Donovan said. “Would that be okay?” “Sure,” I replied, “I’d love that.”

We began. And because of Donovan’s perceptive, caring, focused questioning, he helped me express my deepest and truest dream―to write for myself. To create my own books to share and inspire others. Donovan brought what’s been burning a hole in my heart for years, to the light of day. To claim it and give it life. He also helped me commit to action so I wouldn’t slip back into my old habit of “O, there’s no time for that.”

In the past two weeks I’ve been writing like my life depended on it, because it does. Donovan helped me break the dam, so the words―and dream―could flow as my nature always intended. Thank you Donovan!”

-Michele DeLima

“Donovan is a coach you can trust. I know how much he cares about parents and their teenagers especially during one of the most challenging developmental phases in life. He is a man of integrity who is committed to helping others navigate stress in simple and insightful ways . If you desire to learn, grow and love deeply, I highly recommend Donovan’s coaching services.”

-Maria Kauffman

“I have been aware of Donovan’s commitment to counseling children and families since 2001. He has been a leader and promoter of Peace Circles at Mountain View High School, which led to sharing this work at many other schools in Northern Colorado. His sincere drive to help create healthy, caring and successful young adults is palpable because it is truly his passion. Being a father of three he has a real investment in the betterment of humanity and interpersonal relationships. I would recommend him for any family and youth counseling to improve communication and family dynamics. His exuberance for life is contagious.”

-Kiri Saftler – Peace Circles LLC


“I have relied on Donovan for many years for his expertise and guidance through my life/career path. The years he spent as a guidance counselor have translated directly to his ability to help guide me on my own path and ensure I am focused on what matters. His passion and expertise as a personal guide are second to none. Hire Donovan. What he gives is invaluable.”

-Chris Hall, MBA, MSF


“Donovan has an uncanny ability to listen and obseve and can help you listen better and observe more objectively and then adjust appropriately, if you dare to challlenge yourself. This is the one reason I have used his services for many years and will continue to do so. Start the journey you have always known you can make. Start where you are. I did.”

-Frank M.


“Donovan has a life-time of experience, insight and expertise to share and challenge you with, when making important decisions at turning points in your life. His thought provoking ideas will help you think outside the box and make your life interesting and rewarding.”

-Debbie Sorensen      

“Right from the start, Donovan was incredibly professional, easy to talk to and helpful in every way that a true teacher should be. He’s full of both theoretical and practical knowledge and an expert at applying his methods to meet your personal needs.I’d recommend him as a teacher over and over and wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again personally. “

-Matt B


“What I like about your approach is that it is not like other approaches that I have seen before. You take the time to sit down and actually get to know the person you are talking to & go the extra mile to ensure that you help that person out. You have done a lot for me and I attribute a lot of my success today to you because you were one person who never gave up on me and always believed in me when there were people who were ready to give up on me. One of the best things you ever told me was that you were in my corner and always would be because you saw the potential that was in me. You helped me get through a tough senior year and it has been a year since I graduated and you still continue to be one of the biggest influences in my life. You are always there checking up on me and asking how I am doing and I know that no matter how tough my life gets I can count on you. The way you treat people is amazing you find the greatness in everyone and help bring out the greatness as well. You are inspirational to me and I am grateful for all that you have done.  

-Anthony G


“I have known Donovan for a few years now. He was my child’s high school counselor. Every high school has counselors that the students can turn to and some of the counselors are good and do their jobs. However, Donovan went above and beyond to help, understand, and know the needs of my children. It wasn’t just my kids, but I saw that he touched so many other children’s lives.

Donovan has a certain way of talking with people that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. He isn’t judgmental. So, when the kids needed somebody to talk to, they knew they could go to his office and feel welcomed.

Donovan has a lot of experience in dealing with situations that we as parents sometimes fail to ask for help to solve. Having open communication with a counselor is tough because you don’t want to be judged on your parenting skills. Students don’t want to be judged for doing things that they know are wrong, but have no way out, or have no knowledge of tools to utilize to help better their life.

Donovan is a super great guy, has a family of his own, and has dealt with a lot of the situations that we are all going through. It was always good knowing that when my children had tough experiences that they were going through, that they had somebody to help them handle and work through the problems.

Let’s face it, nobody is perfect, but if we all just took a step back and realized that every now and again, we need help dealing with a situation, that someone else has ideas that might work for you. While my children were in high school, I’m glad that they had Donovan as a counselor because it was easy for me to contact him, or for him to call and contact me to give me new ideas and new approaches to handle everyday teenage life.

So, I will be the first to say thank you to Mr. Dreyer for having the compassion and the know-how to help out in difficult situations. Thank you for all that you have done in helping me help my children. I hope that you help many more people.”

-Shawna Salgado

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